Can you comment on Saber Interactive's relation with CD Projekt, since CD Projekt decided to make the Witcher 3 update in house?

With more than 12,500 people across 40 countries, our companies are business partners to most other companies in the industry in some shape or form, including an extensive list of work4hire relationships.

We have the deepest respect for CD Projekt as a company and they have proven to be one of the best game development teams globally. Regarding the specific question, we are not able to comment on the relationship with business partners.

However, without specifically commenting on any work4hire agreement, no relationship has changed that has any financial impact on the overall group revenues or profitability, at least not exceeding USD 500,000”.


Regarding the situation due to the war in Ukraine, we refer to the latest communication to all shareholders:

Update on the situation due to the war in Ukraine – Embracer



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