What is Embracer Stories?

Embracer Stories is a new way of telling some of the stories about the people, companies and ideas that make the Embracer Group up. A way to give everyone a glimpse of the people in other parts of the company and the world.

We start off in a small way, but our ambition is to tell a lot of stories from all over the world. Right now there are more stories set in Sweden than we intended, but the Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily made travel hard.

Who is doing the stories?

Our storytelling is headed by award-winning journalist Thomas Arnroth.
“I always wanted to tell game stories other than just about the games. I try to keep a high level of integrity and trust between myself and the people I do stories about,” he says.

Do you have a story?

Do you have a story, or know of one? Please don’t hesitate. You can reach Thomas by emailing story@embracer.com. That way you reach Thomas, and only him. Don’t be shy or afraid. If you feel you may have a story or idea, you probably do.

Any other questions in regards to Embracer Stories?

Beatrice Forsgren, Head of Brand and Communication beatrice.forsgren@embracer.com

Thomas Arnroth, Storyteller