Coffee Stain Studios

Goat enough

How do you develop a sequel to a game that simulates the violent life of a goat? A game that was partly successful due to its hilarious bugs. Well, Coffee Stain does it by skipping part two completely and going straight to Goat Simulator 3. And, of course, by making sure to find the sweet spot where the game is goat enough.

The ups and downs of a bipolar streamer

Content warning: This video contains discussions about mental health and suicide. Jace Varlet is a popular community manager at Coffee Stain Studios, reaching thousands each week in his streams. But once the camera is off, another reality awaits. Jace suffers from bipolar II disorder, a chronic mental illness, characterized by periods of severe depression and hypomania.

A tale of two very empty game studios

A story of a lonely coffee machine, a bank vault, something that looks like a prison courtyard, and having really bad timing when renting new office spaces.


Nathalie, Hannah and Anna grew up as nerdy girls, not really finding their place in the world. Not until they realized that making games was actually a job. And that they were good at it.