Deep Silver

A warm and fuzzy feeling

Stephanie was not allowed to play video games growing up, but she’s making up for it now. She has both a great career in the games industry and a full sleeve to show for it.

Will this really last more than three weeks?

The Covid Diaries – Part 2

When the pandemic struck ”the Silicon Prairie” in the American Midwest, Deep Silver Volition managed to adapt quickly. The first obstacle was practical – arranging for the studio’s 200 employees to work from home. It soon became clear to James Torbit, General Manager at the studio, that there were also big challenges of a more human nature.

When I talk to the invisible people, my dog goes mad

In March 2020, Covid-19 was spreading throughout England. In Nottingham, everyone at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios was forced to start working from home. Studio head Rob Matthews did something he, until recently, never imagined having to do: he went shopping for web cameras for all his co-workers.