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Welcome to lunch in different countries

What would you like for lunch? How about a can of microwaved canned tomato soup, some office-cooked corn chicken with mushroom gravy, or perhaps nougat dumplings with gingerbread crumbs? In the global Embracer family, the lunch options are many and varied — and you are invited to join!

Hunting for hidden treasures in the Games Archive

David finds rare Nintendo special editions, a Mega CD collection with unopened games, a handheld games collection with some very special Pokemon games, and he also tells us all about his love for fat TVs.

From the Davecave to the world’s biggest game cave

In a vault somewhere close to Karlstad, Sweden, the ever-growing Embracer Games Archive is stored. It’s time to do some serious unboxing and find out what kind of gaming treasures are hidden in all those pallets and boxes. Join Games Archive’s new CO David Boström on one last visit to the vault.

Probotector and the Konami silver boxes

This fan favourite game has a lot of names! Game historian Martin Lindell has looked through another box in the growing Embracer Games Archive collections, and found the Konami silver boxes, and more specifically the game Probotector. If you don’t recognise the name, don’t worry. You might know it by one of its other names.

Road trip to underdog country

Video games are great, but for Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors, it all began with used comic books. Growing up in the countryside and in need of cash, he started his first business when he was in primary school and ran Sweden’s largest used comics business by the time he was 15. That’s when he took notice of some second-hand Nintendo games and that’s when everything changed.

Why horse games is a thing

Horse games have actually been big since the 90’s, yet they are rarely discussed in neither games media nor among games collectors. Thomas Sunhede, Retro Games Advisor at Embracer, dives into the Games Archive and tries to understand why this is.

Adventure Vision and the other turtles

Once again we sent game historian Martin Lindell into the secret vault, where Embracer Group’s growing game collection is stored. This time he found something really rare – a tabletop arcade machine called Adventure Vision, from 1982.

Early access to the Embracer Group games archive

Deep down in a secret vault, Embracer Group’s growing game collection is stored at the moment. But we have early access, and game historian Martin Lindell has picked out a selection of classics from the archive, to show us. We’ll soon be back with more stories from the collection.

Kick-Ass Kicki

Kicki Wallje Lund left home when she was fifteen. Her parents told her she would never make it on her own. That was 50 years ago and Kick-Ass Kicki is still proving them wrong, every day.