Stateless no more!

Anas Rahhal has achieved the seemingly impossible. Growing up, he had two dreams: playing video games and working in finance. The latter was a challenge, since he was a stateless Palestinian living in Syria. Then the civil war broke out. Amidst all the chaos and violence, his dreams seemed forever out of reach. But Anas wouldn’t give up.

A Man Without a Plan B

When David Lahmeyer received a Nintendo 64 for Christmas, he made his mind up — he was going to work in the games industry! He was only eight years old and since then he has never bothered to make any other career plans. Failing to become a programmer did not hinder his ambitions, nor did working in the industry stop him from collecting Nintendo 64 games.

260 Drawings To Die For

260 drawings to die for

Growing up under communism in East Germany wasn’t great for graphic novel buff Michael Hochhaus. The only good comics he could get his hands on were the few his relatives managed to smuggle in. But Michael beat the odds, and today he works for Koch Films and has an impressive collection of drawings from some the world’s best-known cartoonists and animators.

The Austrian games pioneer and the annoying Swede

He sold his first video games from his parents’ house in the ’80s. In the ’90s he started Austrias first video games company. Then he met a most annoying Swedish businessman. Twice.