From two wheels to Hot Wheels

Italy’s biggest game studio, Milestone in Milan, is experiencing great success with a toy car game for kids, Hot Wheels Unleashed. But before it came 30 years of doing realistic motorcycle racing games. CEO Luisa Bixio tells the story of the studio, why they wanted to be a part of Embracer and what lies ahead.

Delivering a game in the epicentre of a pandemic

Developing a game is hard under the best of circumstances, but how do you cope when a pandemic strikes unexpectedly? Producer Michele Caletti knows all about it.

It’s difficult, but we can’t complain. So many have it worse.

Early in 2020 Milan, Italy, was the epicentre of Covid-19 pandemic. In the middle of all this, racing game studio Milestone, had to deal with a new reality. The studio’s CEO Luisa Bixio had to not only handle the shipping of two nearly finished games, but also manage a shift to working from home, for all of their 250 employees. The first such shift in the company’s long history. And just as things seemed to ease up in early autumn, the second wave hit Milan hard.