Great People, Solid Work & Our Planet

Smarter Business Framework

Our group-wide sustainability framework is called the Smarter Business and focuses on three pillars: Great People, Solid Work and Our Planet.

It is our shared approach to our sustainability efforts at group level. These three focus areas are closely linked to our overall business operations and contribute to creating real results for our stakeholders. They are further supported by a strong foundation in business ethics and compliance and constitute a part of our governance model.

How we work

As a decentralized group, decision-making is executed at each operative group and group company. Each operative entity has the best understanding of its market position from both a commercial and sustainability perspective, and how to best create value for the business. The parent company is responsible for overall sustainability goals and strategy, facilitating collaborations within the group, and ensuring the implementation of group policies. It is key to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive within companies and employees. We strive to acknowledge and celebrate individual ideas and achievements and scale them up within the whole organization.

Great People

Our people are creative, dedicated, and our most important asset.

Our people are truly our greatest asset. They are creative, dedicated and very talented. It is key to our ongoing success to keep our employees happy and feeling that their voices are being heard. We also want to make sure we attract new, great talent to help us grow.

We aim to create an environment where our employees can be their very best and true selves. We know that embracing creative independence, developing skills, and striving for a good work-life balance will pay off in engagement and the well-being of everyone.

At Embracer Group, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like. We believe that diversity, inclusion and different perspectives and skillsets lead to a better working environment for all of us and better results for our business.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity will remain in focus. At Embracer Group, it does not matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like. The group has zero-tolerance against all forms of discrimination and harassment. Diversity, equality, and inclusiveness are vital parts of our culture, and we address such matters at a global group level, but we also trust each company within the organization to listen and act on its own terms. The gaming industry is facing big challenges in skill supply. Our priority is to recruit talented people, regardless of gender or ethnicity. We advocate for diversity because we know that diversity will ensure a greater multitude of different perspectives and skillsets. This creates a better work environment for everyone, but also contributes to ensuring the future success of our business.

Our Code of Conduct summarizes our shared company values and our expectations of employees and partners. We strive for a culture based on trust and accountability that is built on creativity and independence. We want to provide a work environment where innovative and passionate people can achieve their goals. We know that embracing creative independence and striving for a good work-life balance will lead to stronger engagement and increased well-being among employees. In order to measure our progress, we carry out an annual employee survey among all employees in the group. Any concerns about or breaches in the Code of Conduct can be reported via our anonymous and external whistle-blowing service.

Solid Work

Our products entertain and create emotional responses based on creative expression and common sense

The work produced in the group is here to entertain and create emotional responses. We want our game content to be based on creative expression and common sense.

For us to continue being creative and providing our audience great experiences, we will continue to focus on innovative ideas and the exploration of new creative fields. We take full responsibility for our gaming content and the marketing of our products and actively work to tackle unhealthy gaming habits and work for digital well-being. We aim to increase game accessibility and usability so that anyone and everyone can play our games. We see great opportunities for our studios to find interesting, more collaborative ways to approach these areas using the same creative mindset they already apply in their day-to-day work.

Quality first creates higher return on investment and long-term value

There are three billion gamers worldwide, and we need to continuously understand our audience. The studios understand gaming trends. They have hands-on content expertise and a deep understanding of gamers. It is also important, however, to understand that game development takes time, and this is why our quality-first approach is important. Developing quality games is always the main priority since this enables us to build outstanding experiences for our fans and create a higher return on investment and long-term value for all stakeholders. Openness, tolerance, respect, and freedom of expression in games are crucial to Embracer Group – so is being committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community on our platforms. This is why we always strive to make our content more inclusive and keep our players safe from abuse by reducing toxicity in our games and communities.

Our Planet

Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment by limiting our own emissions

We want to keep our planet green, for it to be a hospitable place to live and work. Our way of addressing environmental issues will focus on innovation and technological advancements as well as activities at local levels where we can have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Our focus is to invest in partnerships that focus on preventing and mitigating climatic impact by minimizing environmental footprints and engaging in initiatives that contribute positively to the local surroundings.

The majority of Embracer Group’s environmental impact is indirect. We therefore focus on where we can have direct impact such as promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy within our group companies. A continued concern is the indirect impact caused by data centers, and collaborate with peers and the industry to address this common areas. We share the ambition of working in line with the Paris Agreement, and that is the baseline for our climate agenda.

Our industry is currently not subject to regulations in the EU taxonomy.


Emma Ihre Head of Sustainability +46 54 53 56 28
Karin Edner Karlsson Group Sustainability Manager

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