Reports & Presentations

Embracer Group’s financial year is 1 April to 31 March

Reports & Presentations 2021
2021 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
Embracer Group acquires Dark Horse
Embracer Group acquires Spotfilm Networx
Embracer Group acquires DIGIC
Embracer Group acquires Shiver Entertainment
Embracer Group acquires Perfect World Entertainment
Proposed acquisition of Asmodee 16 December 2021
Embracer Group publishes Interim Report Q2 2021
Annual General Meeting FY 20/21
Annual Report 2020/2021
New acquisitions August 18, 2021
Embracer Group, Q1 and 3 month, Apr-Jun 2021
MA medley 8 acquisitions August 5, 2021
Embracer Group, Q4, Jan-Mar 2021
Koch Media - Three years within Embracer Group
Embracer Group, Q3, Oct-Dec 2020
Embracer Group merges with The Gearbox Entertainment Company
Embracer Group acquires Aspyr Media
Embracer Group merges with Easybrain
M&A update February 3, 2021
Reports & Presentations 2020
2020 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
M&A update
M&A Medley 13 acqusitions November 18, 2020
Embracer Group, Q2, Jul-Sep 2020
Annual General Meeting FY 19/20
Embracer Group acquires Vertigo Games
Annual Report 2019/2020
Embracer Group M&A update
Embracer Group acquires Sola Media
Embracer Group acquires Pow Wow Entertainment
Embracer Group acquires Palindrome Interactive
Embracer Group acquires Rare Earth Games
Embracer Group acquires Vermila Studios
Embracer Group acquires Deca Games
Embracer Group acquires New World Interactive
Embracer Group acquires 4A Games
Embracer Group, Q1, Apr–Jun 2020
Embracer Group, Q4, Apr 2019-Mar 2020
Impact of covid-19 and management update
Embracer Group acquires Saber Interactive
Embracer Group, Q3, Oct-Dec 2019
Reports & Presentations 2019
2019 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
Embracer Group acquires Tarsier Studios
Embracer Group, Q2, Jul-Sep 2019
THQ Nordic becomes Embracer Group
Annual General Meeting FY 18/19
Annual report 2018/19
THQ Nordic, Q1, Apr-Jun 2019
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Milestone s.r.l.
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Goodbye Kansas Game Invest
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Gunfire Games
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Piranha Bytes
THQ Nordic, Q5 and 15 months, Jan 2018-Mar 2019
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Warhorse Studios
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires 18POINT2
THQ Nordic, Q4 and 12 months, Jan-Dec 2018
Reports & Presentations 2018
2018 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Coffee Stain
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Bugbear Entertainment
THQ Nordic, Q3 and 9 months, Jan-Sep 2018
THQ Nordic, Q2 and 6 months, Jan-Jun 2018
Capital Markets Day
THQ Nordic, Q1, 3 months, Jan-Mar 2018
Annual report 2017
THQ Nordic AB (publ) acquires Koch Media
THQ Nordic, Q4 and 12 months, Jan-Dec 2017
Reports & Presentations 2017
2017 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
Redeye Technology Seminar
THQ Nordic, Q3 and 9 months, Jan-Sep 2017
THQ Nordic Company Presentation
THQ Nordic, Q2 and 6 months, Jan-Jun 2017
THQ Nordic, Q1, 3 months, Jan-Mar 2017
THQ Nordic, Annual report 2016
THQ Nordic, Q4 and 12 months, Jan-Dec 2016
Reports & Presentations 2016
2016 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
Lars Wingefors interviewed on Avanza Play November 17 2016
Company presentation at Operaterrassen November 8 2016
THQ Nordic, Q3 and 9 months , Jan-Sep 2016
THQ Nordic, Annual report 2015
Reports & Presentations 2015
2015 Report Pressrelease Presentation Webcast
THQ Nordic, Annual report 2014

Embracer Group is the parent company of businesses developing and publishing PC, console and mobile games for the global games market. The Group has an extensive catalogue of over 250 owned franchises, such as Saints Row, Goat Simulator, Dead Island, Darksiders, Metro, MX vs ATV, Kingdoms of Amalur, TimeSplitters, Satisfactory, Wreckfest, Insurgency and World War Z amongst many others.

With its head office based in Karlstad, Sweden, Embracer Group has a global presence through its eight operative groups: THQ Nordic GmbH, Koch Media GmbH/Deep Silver, Coffee Stain AB, Amplifier Game Invest AB, Saber Interactive, DECA Games, Gearbox Entertainment and Easybrain. The Group has 86 internal game development studios and is engaging more than 9,000 employees and contracted employees in more than 40 countries.