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Limiting our own emissions

By limiting our own emissions in our operations, throughout the value chain, and investing in projects supporting the green transition, we can minimize the environmental impact from the entire Group. We address carbon emission reduction and are continuously looking to find new opportunities to raise awareness of climate change within our Group and the gaming industry.

Carbon emission reduction

FY 2022/23 marks a year where Embracer Group built on the work done during previous years to move forward in the aspect of reducing carbon emissions. The maturity and impact analysis conducted in FY 2021/22 was complemented. The primary source of carbon emissions, approximately 99 %, are indirect in scope 3, both upstream and downstream, and comes from using products and playing games. The climate roadmap ahead includes emission reduction targets for all three scopes. To make sure the emission reduction targets are in line with the Paris Agreement, Embracer Group submitted a commitment letter to Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) during the year. Though the targets has not yet been validated the work to reduce emissions is ongoing throughout the Group, and disclosed carbon emissions represent 100 % of the 190 companies in the Group.

Part of the movement for a climate neutral industry

Through our climate reduction targets we are part of the movement to mitigate climate change in the gaming and entertainment industry. Embracer Group is taking responsibility for our business’ impact on climate change. Our goal is to reduce our emissions in line with the Paris agreement. We have previously compensated for emissions referring from purchased goods, energy and fuel related emissions, business travel, employee commuting and downstream transportation and distribution. With our baseline in place and most of our carbon emissions identified we are now increasing our efforts to cut emissions, rather than compensating through third parties. We plan to fund internal initiatives and projects that seek to reduce emissions from our own business. That way, we will be able to implement key learnings from internal projects throughout the Group, helping us achieve our Science Based Targets through internal initiatives, projects and cooperations.

Raising awareness about environmental impact

To raise awareness about environmental impact internally in the Group, one of the recurring sustainability webinars during the year has had the topic “Our planet: Climate and the gaming industry”. The sustainability webinars are a great way of raising cross-border sustainability topics, concerning all employees at Embracer Group. Both internal and external speakers are invited to the webinars to both inspire and educate about important sustainability topics. During the year, Embracer Group has developed a reduction plan that will also be shared with all employees in the Group. At Embracer we aim to streamline and simplify the work towards reaching a climate neutral gaming industry by being transparent about our current environmental impact.

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